Infectious Diseases

Our infectious diseases experts help people with bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections. That includes bloodstream infections and complex or rare conditions caused by emerging infectious diseases and multidrug-resistant microbes. Successful treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Our doctors take the time to get it right.

According to the American Medical Association, an infectious disease specialist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses (such as HIV and hepatitis), fungi and parasites. Known as “medical detectives,” ID specialists solve complicated cases by identifying the causes of infection and the most effective treatment. ID specialists often work alongside general internists and pediatricians as well as other medical and surgical specialists, lending their expertise to the treatment of infections in major organ systems (e.g., cardiovascular, central nervous system, circulatory, etc.).

ID specialists play a critical role in the treatment and prevention of infections by managing appropriate antibiotic choice, duration of therapy, route of delivery, and adverse drug reactions. ID specialists are commonly called upon in major public health crises or outbreaks, during which their role is to educate the public, define treatment, and help halt the spread of rapidly communicable illnesses. Diseases that used to have high morbidity and mortality rates, such as polio, smallpox, measles, influenza, mumps, and rubella, have been significantly curtailed or eradicated thanks to traditional ID strategies of surveillance and immunization.

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Matthew Carroll, MD

St. Mary’s Pulmonary Medicine and Infectious Disease

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