HIV/AIDS Case Management

Infectious Diseases

Since 1999 the HIV/AIDS Case Management program has been located at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. This program is dedicated to providing high quality case management services to individuals living in Androscoggin, Oxford, and Franklin counties with the diagnosis of HIV or AIDS.

The goal of case management is to connect individuals living with the HIV or AIDS with high quality cost efficient health care services.

For individuals enrolled in the HIV/AIDS case management program they have access to the services of registered nurses, certified in case management, and a licensed social worker who can provide them with the following:

  • Disease and self-management support and education
  • Assistance with linkages to medical care, medications, eye and dental care, mental health and substance abuse service
  • Assistance with  linkages to food and transportation
  • Financial assistance with dental, housing and utilities needs.
  • Client support groups and lunch gatherings.
  • Routine health monitoring with medication management to enhance overall health and quality of life with attention to streamlining clinical and outpatient care

The program is supported by State and Federal grants and is no cost to the individual to enroll in this program. Individuals living with HIV or AIDS can be referred to the case management program by their doctor or health care provider or they can self refer. For more information about this program or to make a referral, please call Monday through Friday – 8am to 4:30 pm at (207)777-8506 or (207)777-8507.

(207) 777-8100
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