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News of events in Lewiston is abundant and continues to develop. The immediate safety threat has passed, but for the many survivors, other challenges remain. Grief, sorrow, anger, anxiety, and depression are emotions that are predominant and understandably so. Ongoing support for both the family and friends of victims and for health care staff is critical.

St. Mary’s distinguishes itself by delivering compassionate care. As one of New England’s leading behavioral healthcare facilities, we specialize in transforming lives and guiding individuals toward stability and improved mental well-being. If you or someone you know is in need, please reach out to us.



Learn More about Behavioral and Mental Health Services

There are members of our St. Mary’s community who were impacted by recent events. The team here at St. Mary’s excels at caring for each other.

St. Mary’s is offering support services to employees and their loved ones. In addition to spiritual support from our chaplains, behavioral health professionals are providing support through individual and group sessions on managing grief and coping and processing trauma. Therapy dogs will be rounding on units and practices throughout the week.

While we care for others, you can care for us. Words of kindness help to build the wall of support needed by so many at this time. Send a prayer or caring thoughts to the St. Mary’s community to offer encouragement.

Offer Words of Support

Our catholic faith helps guide our response to tragedy with love and compassion.

We extend our offer of a prayer to you or your loved ones. Prayer intentions will be included at the weekly intensive prayer circle in the hospital chapel.

Request a Prayer

Make a Monetary Gift

Your gift of funds will help us grow our behavioral health services. Use the form below to make a direct impact for those suffering with mental illness in our community. Or contact us to discuss how you can support the part of St. Mary’s that is most meaningful to you.  Deb Anthoine 207-777-8828 or danthoine@stmarysmaine.com.

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