St. Mary’s Renaissance School

The St. Mary’s Renaissance School is a unique resource for children in grades K-8 who have behavioral needs that keep them from succeeding in a traditional public school. The mission of the Renaissance School is to support students in successfully reintegrating them into their community, schools, and families by providing the specific clinical, medical and educational services they need in a safe and compassionate setting.

The Renaissance School is approved as a Special Purpose Private School by the Maine Department of Education as well as a Children’s Behavioral Health Day Treatment program by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. It is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Clinical services occur daily through group and individual therapy These are provided by clinicians who have received master’s degrees in social work and mental health counseling. Behavioral health professionals assist and support students throughout the day. Student services are guided by an individual treatment plan. Crisis intervention is available as needed.

Educational services are provided by certified special education teachers with assistance from educational technicians. Student services are guided by each child’s individualized education plan.  The school follows the Lewiston public school curriculum and calendar and complies with the Common Core Standards. There are separate elementary and middle school classrooms.

Medical services are overseen by a child psychiatrist and provided by a full-time psychiatric nurse. Children who require assessment for medication or currently have a medication regimen may choose to receive psychiatric services from the medical director.

The Renaissance School is located at 15 Sacred Heart Place in Auburn, Maine. Please call 207-777-4175 for further information, assistance with inquiries, or confidential consultation.


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