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At St. Mary’s Health System, we believe complexity and affordability shouldn’t be barriers to our patients’ ability to access they care they need when and where they need it. We encourage you to explore the information and resources we’ve made available here to gain better insight into our billing practices and financial assistance options, as well as ask questions or pay your bill quickly and easily.

Pay My Bill

For your convenience and peace of mind, you can pay your bill online, by phone, mail or in person at the facility where you received your services. If you are looking for the easiest option, we encourage you to use online bill pay as there several benefits, including:

  • Receive all your bills electronically, so you have everything you need at your fingertips
  • Manage bills and payments for everyone in your household all in one, convenient place
  • Make a one-time payment or set up a payment plan that works for you

Pay Online Now

If your Date of Service is prior to October 1, 2022, please contact our Customer Service team at (877) 727-9190 to make a payment.

If your Date of Service is on or after October 1, 2022, please contact our Customer Service team at (855) 275-9593 to make a payment.

Our Billing Processes

To make life easier for our patients, we will automatically bill your health plan, including Medicare and Medicaid, on your behalf. If you have more than one health plan, St. Mary’s Health System will bill additional insurance carriers. Billing statements will be sent to patients on a timely basis.

  • St. Mary’s will send you a statement, following your insurance carrier payment notifying you of your obligation.
  • If you have no insurance, a bill will be sent to you within a few days. Following the initial bill, you will receive monthly statements.
  • If your account remains unpaid, you will also receive two reminder phone calls. Financial assistance is available.

Get Help with a Billing Issue or Question

We understand that medical bills can be confusing, and the cost of care can be overwhelming. We can help. Call our Patient Accounts department at (877) 727-9190 for assistance with the following:

  • Getting help understanding your bill
  • Establishing a payment plan
  • Making a payment
  • Updating or changing insurance information

Financial Arrangements and Assistance

At St. Mary’s Health System, insurance is billed as a courtesy to the patient. The patient remains responsible for contacting their insurance carrier to ensure prompt payment of their accounts. Patients should contact their insurance carrier if payment has not been made within 45 days. Accounts with delinquent balances or without adequate payment arrangements may be forwarded to a collection agency or attorney.

Please note you are responsible for all charges not paid by insurance. We accept personal checks and most major credit cards. If you are unable to pay your balance at one time, we will set up a payment plan for your balance. We’re in this together. If you have questions, please call (877) 727-9190 for assistance.

Upon a patient’s request, a detailed bill will be provided. The hospital will send periodic statements to the patient or responsible party in an effort to keep them informed as to the status of all open accounts.

Please contact our Patient Accounts Department at (877) 727-9190 for more details.

Provider Based Billing Overview

As a department of St. Mary’s Health System, all of our affiliated physician practices, with the exception of St. Mary’s Health System Pediatrics, have transitioned to “Provider-Based Billing.” Due to Medicare regulation related to provider-based billing, patients will receive two bills per visit. One bill will be for physician/provider services and one will focus on facility-related charges.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may be helpful:

PBB refers to the billing process rendered in a hospital department. This process takes place when the hospital owns space and employs physicians and other support personnel who are involved in your care.

Patients will continue to receive excellent quality care with their physician. Scheduling appointments tests and procedures will remain the same.

Due to federal Medicare regulations, you will receive two separate bills. One bill will focus on the care you receive from our providers and staff and the other will cover facility fees. Previously these charges were grouped together. Once Medicare has processed their portion for the charges, the balance will be submitted to a secondary payor, if you have one. If there is a balance, you will receive a bill this amount.

If you are a Medicare patient and have supplemental insurance, it is likely that you will not encounter additional out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not have supplemental insurance, there may be an additional cost to you.


St. Mary’s Health System and the Health Insurance Exchange

Certain health insurance plans available through the Health Insurance Exchange in Maine provide in-network access to St. Mary’s doctors and services. For example, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. If you are purchasing health insurance on the health insurance exchange, selecting the Anthem plan will give you access to St. Mary’s Health System, physicians and services.

Financial representatives are available to answer all of your billing and payment questions from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may contact them by calling (207) 777-8208. Representatives are available to assist you or your family with questions regarding insurance benefits, hospital charges, payment options and financial assistance applications.

Additional Health Coverage Options

Before you seek non-emergency treatment at St. Mary’s, we suggest you contact your employer or insurance company to double-check your coverage and be sure St. Mary’s Health System accepts your insurance. Click here for a list of participating insurance plans.



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