If You Want to Be Heard – We’re Listening Closely


Today, consumers are constantly asked for their feedback and opinions on many things. They’re asked to write a review, complete a survey and more.

St. Mary’s sends out a patient experience survey after each patient appointment. If you want your feedback to be heard – we are listening closely – as our goal is to implement meaningful improvements to our care based on your input.

Based on patient feedback, St. Mary’s began a trial initiative called “Commit to Sit” at our Joint Center earlier this year. The initiative reminds staff to take the time to sit with their patients at the bedside during every shift to connect with them personally. They may take this time to review a patient’s records, talk about their care plan, discuss concerns or questions, or just visit and listen.

Since launching the initiative, patient experience survey results, which had always been positive, have improved even more. Based on the model’s success, it is now rolling out across all hospital departments.

“This initiative is important to meeting our patients’ needs,” says Jenny Ogden, Orthopedics RN, Inpatient Unit C3. “We commit to sitting with each patient and discussing whatever is on their mind. Sometimes this means answering questions about their care, but sometimes a patient just wants to chat about their family or interests. These talks inform us about any needs or concerns, but they also comfort patients who want to be heard.”

Big and small innovative ideas like these are funded by philanthropic support. In 2017, a donation from the Albert Lepage Foundation established the Albert LePage Center for Patient Experience, dedicated to implementing these types of initiatives.

“My foundation made this donation because I care deeply about St. Mary’s and its Mission. I’m genuinely moved by the caring vision and tireless work of the Sisters of Charity of Saint-Hyacinthe,” shares Albert Lepage. “The Androscoggin County community has greatly benefited from the St. Mary’s team’s expertise and compassion.”

Join Mr. Lepage in support of St. Mary’s patient experience with a gift at stmarysmaine.org/donate.

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