Interventional Radiology

Diagnostic Imaging Services

Our highly skilled Interventional Radiologists offer minimally invasive procedures for diagnostic evaluation, treatment, and post procedure care.

The Interventional Radiology Lab performs approximately 25 different procedures including vascular imaging and intervention (angioplasty/stenting), urologic drainage/stent insertions, vertebroplasty, permanent ports, and PICC lines for long-term therapy. Imaging and Intervention for all types of dialysis access is offered as well.

Generally, the population of patients seen in the Interventional Radiology Lab have been pre-assessed by a Radiologist. This allows for existing medical conditions such as diabetes, poor renal function, or coagulation problems, to be addressed prior to procedure time.

Our Vascular Navigator

The Vascular Navigator will work with you and your Primary Care Provider for optimum communication, insurance authorization and scheduling assistance. Immediately after the imaging is performed, you will meet with our Nurse Practitioner and/or Physician (Interventionalist). This allows us to see our patients in person and hear their stories alongside the information we collect.

Preps for each procedure are generally customized to the patient, but most include nothing to eat or drink after midnight prior to exam day, and most will require the insertion of an IV line. Occasionally, lab work is drawn and if the exam requires access to the femoral artery or vein, then the patient’s groin will be shaved and prepped to avoid infection.

No. Patients are awake for the procedure, although patients may be given some medication to help them relax. Patients are monitored constantly during their procedures.

These exams are considered invasive procedures; however, the risk is small and they are relatively safe. The Radiologist will discuss the risks in greater detail on the day of the exam.

Most of these exams are done on an out-patient basis and the patient is usually discharged later that day.

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