3D Mammograms

We here at St.Mary’s are reshaping the mammography experience with comfort, confidence, and clarity. The GE Senographe Pristina 3D Imaging Technology delivers superior diagnostic accuracy at the same dose as 2D imaging.

The design of the gantry promotes a sense of calm, elegant lighting, rounded edges along with the mammopad, it helps to enhance the experience. Ergonomically designed for both the patient and the technologists.

The images are viewed with clarity for the Radiologists. GE offers the same low dose of radiation as 2D FFDM, the lowest patient dose of all FDA approved systems. The 3D tomosynthesis uses ASIR (an iterative reconstructive algorithm with a calcification artifact correction)

The Pristina and the Pristina Dueta have been designed to give patients to feel in control of compression during the exam. A relaxed patient will allow for a better imaging. If the patient has more comfort during the exam, our hope is that they will use the Dueta and will increase their own compression for better imaging.

Why 3D Mammograms

This process has a higher cancer detection rate than conventional mammography alone. Studies show that 3D mammograms improve detection of breast cancers with a significant reduction in recall rates.

During a 3D mammogram, multiple, low-dose images of the breast are acquired at different angles. These images are then used to produce a series of one-millimeter-thick slices that can be viewed by radiologists as a 3D reconstruction of the breast.

By offering women the latest technology in mammography, St. Mary’s hopes to increase the number of local women who will be routinely screened. Statistics indicate that one in eight women will develop breast cancer sometime in her lifetime. The stage at which breast cancer is detected influences a woman’s chance of survival. The American Cancer Society states that if detected early, the five-year survival rate is 98%.


The Women’s Imaging Center is open from 7:30 to 4:30 Monday – Friday with extended hours offered on Monday-Wednesday upon request.

If you would like to schedule a mammogram, please contact the 207-777-4060

(207) 777-8100
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