Professional Growth & Advancement Opportunities for Nurses

St. Mary’s Health System provides members of our nursing community with access to essential training and continuous professional development opportunities. We equip them with the latest clinical best practices and the necessary skills to thrive as both caregivers and leaders within our organization and community.

St. Mary’s Nurse Residency Program

The St. Mary’s Nurse Residency Program operates in alignment with the foundational values of St. Mary’s, emphasizing a commitment to delivering comprehensive care to individuals within our communities. We aim to empower individuals, fostering a commitment to patient-centered care. The program is intricately designed to provide mentorship to newly registered nurses, with a specific focus on cultivating leadership skills, ensuring patient safety, and fostering professional development. Through guidance and support, we elevate the standard of healthcare delivery.

At the end of the year of residency, the new nurse will:

  • Demonstrate Lifelong Learning: Exhibit a dedication to continuous learning and professional development.
  • Employ Professional Practice Behaviors: Demonstrate behaviors aligned with the highest standards of professional nursing practice.
  • Develop as Nurse Leaders: Evolve in their roles as nurse leaders, contributing to the advancement of healthcare.
  • Apply Critical Thinking Skills: Utilize improved critical thinking skills to address complex healthcare scenarios.
  • Model Increased Nurse Competence: Showcase heightened competence, reflecting a commitment to excellence in nursing practice.
  • Deliver High-Quality Care: Provide care based on the best available evidence, ensuring excellence in healthcare delivery.
  • Enhance Nursing Practice: Contribute to the improvement of nursing practice and care delivery, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes at St. Mary’s.

Additional Ways We Support Our Nurses

Compensation and Benefits:
Our organization provides highly competitive salaries that are market-based and experience rated. In addition, we offer a comprehensive and flexible benefits program that is designed to provide you and your family valuable resources.

Financial Support for Educational Advancement:
Members of our nursing team also have access to financial assistance that can help make taking the next step in their education and professional growth easier and more manageable financially.

Support to Achieve Work/Life Balance:
We believe in promoting a healthy and effective balance between your work and life responsibilities. We are proud to offer our employees additional benefits like wellness programs, earned time off, extended sick leave, leaves of absence, family and medical leave and professional development and education opportunities.


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