Overview of Available Technology

Interventional Radiology

For Referring Physicians 

The Vascular and Interventional Radiology lab is equipped with a Digital Toshiba Unit capable of digital angiography, digital subtraction angiography and rotational angiography.

This technology allows for the diagnosis and endovascular treatment of:

  • Peripheral arterial disease using angioplasty/stenting o Claudication (rest/exercise pain), arterial ulcers of the feet or toes
  • Treatment of pelvic venous disease (May Thurner Syndrome, pelvic congestion, scrotal varices)
  • Uterine Artery Embolization for fibroids

Use of other modalities such as fluoroscopy, CT and ultrasound, we offer:

  • Treatment of certain cancers and/or perform biopsies using CT/US
    • TACE (transarterial chemoembolization for certain liver lesions)
    • Cryoablation (renal tumors)
  • Urologic disorders (stent/drain placement)
  • Vertebral Augmentation (i.e. Kyphoplasty) to treat acute, symptomatic compression fractures
  • Placement of permanent or temporary ports, dialysis catheters and PICC lines

Venous Care

  • Ultrasound-guided Evaluation and Treatment of Superficial Venous Insufficiency o Painful lower extremity varicose veins
  • Stasis changes such as ulcers or chronic peripheral edema
    • EVLT (endovenous laser): Thermal ablation of incompetent vein
    • Venaseal: Medical grade adhesive to “seal” or ablate incompetent vein
    • Varithena: Microfoam chemical ablation of incompetent vein(s)
    • Sclerotherapy
  • Evaluation and management of acute or chronic DVT
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