Cooking and Nutrition Education

Nutrition Center

At the St. Mary’s Nutrition Center in Lewiston, Maine, we offer a full range of cooking centered healthy eating classes and programs for kids, youth, adults, and seniors. The cooking education programs empower families and individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make healthy eating choices and provide opportunities to learn to love good food.

We provide hands-on learning opportunities for hundreds of adults and seniors annually. Learn important “healthy habits” such as reading food labels, making healthy and informed food choices, building balanced meals and incorporating more fruits and vegetables and whole grains into everyday eating.

Practice cooking simple recipes, build confidence in the kitchen and join in grocery store tours to learn tips for food shopping and meal planning.

Taste and try! Get opportunities to try new foods and cook meals and snacks that highlight local and seasonal ingredients

Culinary Opportunities

Specialty classes such as, cheese making, bread making and making “mother sauces” are seasonally offered at St. Mary’s Nutrition Center. These classes offer community members the chance to sharpen their culinary skills and expand their knowledge of fine foods.

Building Connections through Cuisine

Good food must not only be accessible, affordable and nutritious, it must be culturally appropriate. Kaaley Ila Kari (Come Cook with Me) is a series of nutrition lessons designed together with Somali and Somali Bantu women and taught by Somali Nutrition Educators. Classes provide nutrition education and hands-on cooking and sampling and help participants learn creative ways to add fruits and vegetables to Somali and American dishes.

Want to help teach in the kitchens? Our cooking programs rely on the support of dedicated volunteers of all ages. Please contact us at 207 513 3848 or email

(207) 777-8100
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