St. Mary's Welcomes Two Tufts "Maine Track" Students

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The Tufts Medical Maine Track Program is a unique and innovative initiative that aims to address the shortage of physicians in rural areas of Maine. Established in collaboration between Tufts University School of Medicine and Maine Medical Center, this program provides a comprehensive medical education experience specifically designed to train and equip students to serve in underserved communities in Maine. Students admitted to the program spend their first two years in Boston, studying alongside their peers in the traditional Tufts MD program. However, in their third and fourth years, they transition to Maine, where they have the opportunity to receive clinical training in various rural healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics. This program not only offers a rigorous medical curriculum but also focuses on community engagement and cultural competency, preparing students to understand and address the unique healthcare needs of rural populations.

"I chose the Maine Track because of the opportunity to learn within a small, supportive Tufts network, to work with clinicians who emphasize quality patient care, and to continue to deepen my connection to the Portland and Maine communities."

Amanda Masse

Tufts Maine Track Class of 2025

By providing a well-rounded education that combines the resources and expertise of Tufts University School of Medicine with the real-world experiences gained in Maine, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in underserved areas. The program also fosters strong connections between students and the local community, encouraging collaboration and understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities in rural healthcare. Additionally, students benefit from personalized mentorship and guidance from faculty who are dedicated to supporting their professional growth and helping them navigate the intricacies of rural medicine. Through the Tufts Medical Maine Track Program, aspiring physicians can make a meaningful impact on the healthcare landscape of rural Maine while receiving a comprehensive medical education.

"Medicine, to me, seems at its core a conversation between physician and patient. The Maine Track, then, offers me a chance to deepen and expand the conversations and connections I have had with communities in Maine."

Max Senechal

Tufts Maine Track Class of 2025

Learn more about the Tufts Maine Track Program here:

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