The Many Blessings of an Unrestricted Gift

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In August 2021, St. Mary’s received notice that Cynthia Crocker had passed away. She was known locally as a partner in her family’s business, Seltzer and Rydholm, but more importantly, she is remembered for her generosity to many organizations in our community.

She ensured that her legacy of giving continued after her death by establishing planned gifts to those organizations she cared most about, St. Mary’s included. She blessed the hospital with an unrestricted gift of $533,918 through her will.

An unrestricted gift to St. Mary’s refers to a donation provided without specific restrictions or conditions on how the funds should be used. In collaboration with the philanthropy director, the hospital president has the flexibility to allocate the funds where they are most needed.

Thanks to Cynthia’s legacy gift, St. Mary’s has purchased new equipment to enhance treatments and procedures in urology, endoscopies, and physical therapy. In addition, critical pharmacy equipment and code carts (medical emergency response equipment) were upgraded to address patient needs more efficiently.

Donors who contribute unrestricted gifts play a critical role in helping St. Mary’s fulfill our mission of improving health outcomes and serving the needs of our community.

If you would like to make a planned unrestricted gift through your will or trust, life insurance, and real estate, please get in touch with Deb Anthoine, St. Mary’s Executive Director of Philanthropy, at or 207-777-8828. All who make planned gifts of any kind become members of the St. Mary’s Legacy Society.

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