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What’s in a name? A ‘cornerstone’ is the first stone set when starting a masonry project. It is an integral part of a structure and the construction of a strong and stable building is dependent on it.

You, our donors, are the cornerstone of our work at St. Mary’s Health System. As your local nonprofit hospital, we strive to provide healing and care for the whole person, in service to everyone in our community.

You make it possible.

“We continue to support St. Mary’s because it has always been a big part of our community, providing comprehensive care by offering healing for both the body and mind,” says Diane. “Their mental health department is so important to our community. It is fairly easy to find help to treat physical issues; however, St. Mary’s can also help heal those suffering from addiction and mental illness. St. Mary’s doctors, nurses and staff are dedicated and always look to ensure patients are comfortable and well. Our community is a better place because of St. Mary’s and its continued dedication to providing excellent care with genuine compassion.”

Diane Champoux


The Power of the Loyal Donor: Meet Diane Champoux

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