Commit to Get Fit Challenge 2022 Supports Culturally Appropriate Foods

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On October 15, our community came together to run, walk and celebrate healthy living. Proceeds from the event went to the St. Mary’s Nutrition Center‘s efforts to increase culturally appropriate food at its food pantry.

“People are thrilled,” says Tricia Cook, operations manager at the Nutrition Center. “For many immigrants and asylum seekers, having foods from home can offer a feeling of stability in circumstances that can be scary, challenging or unstable.”

Thanks to the support from the Commit to Get Fit, the Nutrition Center has been able to source foods such as salted fish, halal meats, cassava leaves and fufu cornmeal from local African stores and the Good Shepherd Food Bank. These funds have positioned us to budget more consistently throughout the year to have the most-loved items on a regular basis as opposed to having to always purchase the cheapest foods available.

“By knowing when items would be in stock ahead of time, community members could plan their trips. This makes the process much more warm, dignified and welcoming,” says Tricia. “We always want to serve all members of our community with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

Read more of our 2022 Foundation Annual Report.

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